Stain, Varnish & Oil

Each wooden floor is different, which is why it is vitally important that you use the correct stain, varnish or oil to produce the desired look. At Athboy Flooring Restoration we offer an extensive range of stains and varnishes, all of which have been supplied by Bona who are renowned for the quality of their wooden flooring products.

  • Floor staining and/or varnishing can completely change the colour of your floor transform its look and feel. Athboy Flooring Restoration can stain/varnish your wooden floor to the colour that you choose.

  • We have a variety of options available, which include darker colour such as walnut, dark oak or even white wash stain. You can choose from our extensive range of stains and varnishes for your floor.

  • Athboy Flooring Restoration will advise you on which stains and varnishes we think are best suited to your wooden floor. We can bring you through a range of different samples and talk through which ones we think best suit your needs.